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English: Legal Team

For this demonstration/action the legal support group and a lawyer are available, legal support group: 0031619880869

If you are arrested, ask for the lawyer and keep asking, even if the police try to convince you that this lawyer is too busy or that they cannot reach him or her. Do not make any statements to the police. You have the right to remain silent, use it! Because everything you say about yourself or other people can only be used against you or against anyone else. Don’t sign anything.

If you are arrested for an offense, such as trespassing, you have no right to see a lawyer. If your identity is known to the police they will have to let you go after 6 hours (the hours between 12 am and 9 am do not count, keep that in mind), if you remain anonymous (you will receive a NN number) they can keep you for another 6 hours.

If you are charged with a crime when you are arrested you have the right see your lawyer before the first time they interrogate/interview you. For some crimes can you be detained for up to 6 hours (e.g. non-compliance with an official order), for other crimes you can be held in custody; inverzekeringstelling (e.g., resisting arrest, vandalism). The detention lasts up to 3 days. People who remain anonymous can always be put in custody. After those three days you should be released or be brought to the investigating judge, who decides whether you will be held longer.
Sometimes people who remain anonymous are threatened with migrant detention when they are released from criminal custody, because the police do not know their identity and nationality.

If you decide to remain anonymous, also make sure that there is someone who knows where your papers are in case you decide later to reveal your identity. If you are taking medication, take it along.

Lawyers: Willem Jebbink

If you currently have questions, you can always contact the legal support group: 0031619880869