17-9-2017 Stop the international neo-nazi demonstration in Enschede!

On Sunday 17 September 2017, the German neo-nazi hooligans from HoGeSa want to attempt to demonstrate again with a few Dutch racists from Pegida in Enschede. When they previously attempted to demonstrate last June, all demonstrations were prohibited and the German neo-nazis decided not to travel to Enschede. However, it looks like Pegida has made a deal with the municipality and that they are now welcome. With neo-nazi band Kategorie C and speakers from openly neo-nazi and extreme right groups from Germany, Finland, Austria, and England, Pegida Nederland is trying to make the blargest nazi demonstration ever seen in the Netherlands. We cannot let this happen. Stop the international nazi demonstration in Enschede!

In 2014, Hogesa (Hooligans against Salafists) came together in Cologne with around 5000 neo-nazi hooligans and attacked residents, immigrants, and anti-fascists. Now the German neo-nazi’s from this group have chosen Enschede to spread their violence and ideology. Beside the fact that German HoGeSa is calling for their supporters to come to Enschede, Kategorie C will also perform. This controversial neo-nazi band has played multiple times at concerts organized by the international terror network Blood and Honour, and is very popular within the neo-nazi scene. Performances by Kategorie C have already been forbidden in Germany for a long time, and that’s why they resort to playing concerts in countries such as the Netherlands.

Not only are German and Dutch nazis calling for people to come to the demonstration, there will also be speakers from several neo-nazi and extreme right parties, among them a prominent member of the German neo-nazi party NPD, who is now a member of the neo-nazi party Die Rechte (The Right). There will also be speakers from fascist Britain First, Freie Heimatliche Bewegung (Free Homeland Movement) from Austria, the extreme right Finnish Defense League, and the German AFD (Alternative for Germany). In this way, the nazis are trying to make an international Nazi demonstration. Pegida Nederland demonstrations have until now remained small and on the fringe as a result of anti-fascist pressure and action. We cannot let a repeat of what happened in Cologne in 2014 happen again, otherwise we will be looking back at the largest nazi demonstration in the Netherlands since World War II.

We have seen recently in Charlottesville in the US what neo-nazi and extreme right gatherings can lead to. That’s why we have to make every effort to prevent this. Together we can stop the nazis!

12:00 Stationsplein, demonstration: Stop dthe international neo-nazi demonstration!

13:30 Laat Ze Niet Lopen (Don’t Let Them Walk, more info will follow on their website www.laatzenietlopen.nl)